Welcome to My World

Understand this; she allowed you to travel the world with her because whatever she let in her world she would die for. Once you walk in, it’s never easy to leave this world. ‘Because she created a world that revolved around you.

It sounds so shameful, and shallow; but that wasn’t it at all.
Whatever she loved, it became her happiness.

She loved, whatever loved her.
She cared for whatever cared for her.
She watched every detail and tends for when it needed its mending.
She’d already be there.
‘Because you loved her first.

You opened up with just one simple look in her eyes. When she wanted to be transparent, she read you as well.  It’s how she connected, really.

Instead of doing what everyone else did, she was always 1000 steps farther to do whatever it took to be the greatest person because she knew anyone else would want to be treated just as. She is a rare species, and she took pride in that.

Everyone loves this world because it was so easy to walk into, to love, to be yourself. Before even realizing, this world became your world. You already loved her because she was your world. Like a sunflower always soaking up the sun, that was her.

There are also very dark and rough places in this world and you were already there to remove every nail and board, re-painting it’s original colors.
Embracing its true form, and true colors.

She let you in, because she see right through what everyone else thought was a mess. And you did the same with her. In her mind, having a connection is all that really mattered with her. Everything else would just fall into place, and whatever broke in the midst she was ready to pick them up one by one, with you.

Many, many people did leave this world. Left their baggage, and personality behind. Picking up their things one by one, mending a ripped stitch or framing a torn masterpiece. She was already waiting for them to come back, even though she wasn’t even ready mend her own ripped stitch. ‘Because she loved them.

Sometimes coming back got harder, and leaving her world open and ready created such a dark cloud of pain and sometimes regret. But she didn’t care, many second chances were rare; she always told herself everyone was destined for a soulmate.

She only knew of soulmates because she met one of course.
But she dare speak his name with clouded pain and soaked tears covering her body?
The pain of his name brought his eyes to his soul…

She wasn’t known for giving up, and she never did. Days waiting for that door to swing open waiting for his arrival. Nights of coldness and the numbness of never having that soul ever connect with hers ever again.
To become one, because they were one together.
Bound to each other, and it was beautiful.

Closing the door behind him swiftly, her glass heart once again repaired, shattered into thin grain scattered everywhere like sand.
God could only count every sand at a beach, and even He could not help carry what had been done. Kneeling by what could not be repaired, she cried, never ever really able to heal from what had already been done.

Who would love love and cherish her and her world? After everything, everyone always left because they couldn’t handle what she offered.
Isn’t what she offered is what everyone dreamed of having?

She is pure, a diamond in the rough.



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