His Guitar & Her Soul

Her seat belt clicked, as the pilot just began to introduce himself on the plane.

She was almost 24, short blonde hair; curvy style and ready to leave home.
Her struggle financially never ended but when she got a certain job offer she took it in a heart beat. She was going back to New Brunswick, she was finally going back.
She couldn’t believe how sad it was to leave such a dark and lonely place behind; all her family lived there – including Kay. She enjoyed a whole night with her family and close circle of friends; but it was still sad.
She knew what she needed to do, and following her heart was what was best.

Her father, George; paid for all her travels and saw her off. She called him Bub. His oldest was growing up, helped her, and communicated so much better than the last time he dropped his daughter off at the airport. He was glad she let him in, but he would never tell a soul. She moved back a month before she broke up with her ex, it was just destined to happen. Only God knew she needed her family most. He was so proud, she knew that when he kissed her forehead and let her go.

It had been 8 years since she thought about Christian and he just messaged her.

October was a rough time for Melina; she broke up with her ex boyfriend of 3 years to find out he was not only rejecting her love but cheating on her. When Thanksgiving rolled around her very first ex wanting her back, to just drop the ball on her; rejected her.
He didn’t want all of her, just some parts of her. Rejection, she should be used to it by now; but it always surprised her and shocked all the more.
Not once, but three times the rejection. Two guys she thought she loved, and that would protect her; rejected her. How foolish and shallow she must look to the world, how shameful she must seem to the people who watch her every move?
All she wanted was to be loved back.

As Peyton Sawyer used to say on One Tree Hill©; they all leave.

There was something so simple in his message that made her heart flutter, maybe it was just the crush she used to have on him. She read his message over and over, but never replied. She knew she was nice, she knew herself – but was he too nice or was that just the way he was? It was odd to receive a message without expecting something out of it…wasn’t there?

This generation was about who to hook up with next, or what’s the sexiest look you can go for. Melina hated it, she accepted the fact that she was going to be single for the rest of her life. I mean, who would want to take a classy woman out to dinner or send her flowers?
She was ready to settle down, someone who could relate to everything possible…
But no one was ready to settle down with her.
Not only that, but she didn’t want just anybody.
She wanted someone who saw her…all of her.

When she received that message she wasn’t used to such care and attention, it was weird.
She forgot what it was suppose to be like, to feel like royalty.
Society changed every woman’s perspective.
She promised herself if he messaged her again then she knew he meant well.
If he messaged her for the second time, she would reply.
But waiting for that second message… She didn’t count on it. I mean, who would put that much effort in speaking to her anyways? She’s just Mel.

Melina plugged in her headphones as the plane began to take off.
She closed her eyes, and smiled so largely she almost covered her mouth. The plane was lifting off, she waited 5 years for this and she was already there.

She turned to her left, she wanted to share her excitement with someone; but she realized it was only her. Kay spent a whole 3 weeks with her and her family, she wanted to spend every minute before leaving her best friend. She wished she could’ve came with her, but Kay was engaged and it was impossible to move provinces. And that was okay with Mel. She was so happy for her.

It had been a few weeks since Melina arrived. She was settled in her new room the day after she arrived. She unpacked her clothes, a few pairs of shoes; and her necessities included her makeup and most of her artwork. She reunited with a few friends, went out to a few dinners, and quiet a few long drives.

A lot of what had been planned for months in advance, started to crumble and in the back of her mind she had this gut wrenching feeling it was only going to get worse.
She shrugged the feeling off. Kay mentioned it one day when they were on the phone together; “I have a really bad feeling Mel, I don’t know why; just be careful okay?”
Well she was right they both were, the gut is never wrong.

Melina was suppose to be living in the city, where she was suppose to be working; only when the girl she hired was not only her friend but one of her oldest friends…
She dropped the ball on her, that she could no longer live in with her. Just like that.
No warning at all. Who the hell does that? Her friends in the country side of town, took her in until she could figure out a plan. A plan… A plan would be to know how to drive, and to be a normal person who can work any job she wants; that’s a plan. All she wanted was one smooth ride, just one; but it’s always one roller coaster after another.

She finished making her bed, puffed her pillows; and cracked open a window. The sound of nature singing; frogs, and all sorts of beautiful birds singing of life, love, and happiness…
She was so in tune with peace she didn’t let anything take her happiness. She was so into her thoughts that when her phone went off she jumped right out of her skin.
She grabbed it, already covering her mouth in disbelief.

It was Christian.


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