Summer of Goodbye August

You brought me here, in this place.
Drew me close, close to your face.
Adults here, sitting in the middle;
a playground place.
No kids of course, no loudness, no jumping, or care.
I couldn’t deny the friendship we shared.
With both crossed arms goosebumps and hairs.
The focus and smiles, the stars above;
I couldn’t deny the blush hidden at night.

Time didn’t mind stopping under the night, humidity escaped us for only a time.
Forget our worries, and past things of;
it was when you looked away that I looked above.
No moon shown,
dark as knight but beyond the stories,
past things,
and worries there was a light circled the hazel eyes.

Past midnight, showed no care in sight.
Art on the walls, mosquitoes in the air;
humidity reminded us why we still cared.
Iced coffees reminding us of heat fever,
brought us to laughter, no worries showed us we did not care.

Adults of many who’s sleep through the night,
then us two walking together until morning light.
Troubles of day, adventure at night;
he hadn’t felt free since that August night.

I tell you, I tell you; please hear me now!
You lost it all when trust was the fall.
I let you in, and I let you say;
the things that any smart woman would have stayed away.
I saw the good beneath all the bad;
I seen you for many beyond the troubles you had.
I stood there waiting, believing what may have been.
Though trust was never, so we could never…

Your focus and smiles, your touch weakening the knees;
your charm enough to beg God
“…let me keep him dear Lord, please.”

Your silence and confusion brought me close to insanity;
you lost a part of you found inside of me.
Modest and love in depth, children of heart and laughter I wept.
You do not realize who you’ve met,
or are you so blind that past troubles keep you stuck in a chain of such stress?

We met again as the new year flew by;
needing to know why you still caught my eye.
What smart woman would repeat such history;
with kind words brought me into a trap of sin and misery.
I write this now for you need not know;
that love could never be such as if you did not let go.

I will never forget that August night; for I saw such beauty in you and such light.



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