God Wanted Me To Tell You Something

📍 London, Ontario
Tuesday, November 1st, 2016  7:00PM

Normally Melina would look over her shoulder or throughout the room to see her surroundings but this time wasn’t the case.
She didn’t look around to see if anyone was watching or noticed how blushed she became.
I really hope he doesn’t see right through me she thought almost embarrest to even think it. As she shook his hand the Holy Ghost overwhelmed her more so than she had ever felt before! She lost her words as she kept shaking his hand;
she must’ve looked really stupid to the stranger that tried to welcome her.

Sometimes when you notice someone smiling, you give back a grin or say “hello” later wondering why they smiled at you. But this time – when he smiled at her it was like she could smile without a filter; when he smiled, he smiled with his eyes. He shined…and somehow that’s how she saw herself. She smiled as large as could be so glad to meet this…happy sunshine-e man.

His hair flipped on one side, his own simple and also hipster style he made into his own. When you look at him you notice he did his best to look good and rock at it.

Still standing in the doorway realizing she couldn’t get any words out she let go of his hand before he realized, that she realized she was practically holding his hand.

        *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Melina found a bathroom; she gripped the side of the sink as she let the water run and stared at herself in the mirror reenacting what just happened.
Her heart felt like it could pop right out of her chest; the fire that she felt in her belly was a clear sign that God was telling her something; the Holy Ghost was right there in their handshake. But what was God trying to tell her?!
It was beyond just feelings, it was more to it than that; much more…but what?
She had met a total stranger not even 5 minutes in London and she was already freaking out. Traveling some place nice to go to church was suppose to be relaxing.
This would be a typical moment for her.
She walked the floors of the bathroom hoping no one needed the bathroom as bad as she needed to hide and to try and breathe through the anxiety and panic.
I wonder if he felt what I felt she thought.

After 10 minutes of walking the floors she let it be; she came to praise the Lord and that’s just what she was going to do. And it turned out the service was just what she needed!
He never left her mind completely, and did God ever know that!

It drove her crazy to the point where she was on her knees in her bedroom late at night for what seemed like hours soaked in her own tears asking if he’d be okay. She had no idea what his name was or where he was from and yet she was praying for him?
She didn’t think she’d ever see him again but why would he care?
He shook her hand and that was it. Right?

But she cared, because that’s who she was.

Melina’s thoughts were everywhere, she didn’t know what to think…
All she knew was God was going to lead her through it like Moses; she had to take that leap of faith. Little did she know that her leap was not only for her faith but someone else’s entire perspective on God would change.


Numbers 11:17 (International Standard Version)
Then I’ll come down and speak with you. I’ll take some of the spirit that rests on you and apportion it among them, so that they may help you bear the burden of the people. That way, you won’t bear it by yourself.”


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