God Wanted Me To Tell You Something (3)

📍 Toronto, Ontario – Winter Youth Crusade
Saturday, February, 4th, 2017 12:45PM

“If the devil can squeeze an inch out of you now, he will get a mile out of you down the road. We ourselves should never have to compromise.
I’m just going to have a slice of that chocolate cake but not the whole cake. It’s not ungodly if I date a man who isn’t in church he/she does know of God or
It’s only one song on the radio I still love God I just like different variety of music.
What if the devil thought, hmm if they won’t stand where I marked the spot, maybe they’ll follow someone else that’s on the same path!
You and I have compromised and settled ourselves onto a crossroad wanting both worlds and we haven’t even realized it!”

It was silent, no one said “amen!” or yelled out “keep preaching brother!”
Conviction was in our midst and we all knew it.
Thank God for preachers that pushes us and open a few wounds and who don’t apologize for what they’re preaching… Melina thought.
She sat in one of the front pews in the middle aisle, she looked around and no one was jumping up and down or dancing. It was cold, the body language in the crowd shut down because Bro. Myron was keeping it real and Melina began to smile; she liked where this was going. This is what we all needed; a good push.
She reminded herself that she was here for herself and no one else. Everyone has a little conviction in their life, herself included. And she agreed; she kept a lot of toxic people in her life; but why? What was she really holding on to? Why did she feel like she had to settle? This preacher Myron, really made her think and second guess herself…

She got this sudden urgency to get out of her seat; it was happening again.
She sat up in her seat with concern on her face. Bro. Myron’s voice faded as she stared into one place with a rush of thoughts and images of speaking to him.
She knew exactly what God wanted her to say; and her dream, out of the blue, made so much more sense… Her heart raced as she tried to focus on the preacher’s voice again.
She never sat so still while panicking before; that was new. And yet she felt in control of the situation and was very calm. It must be meant to be, then.  After service; God first.

           *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Service ended almost an hour ago; her friends in a crowd of conversation and laughter.
The way the service ended late  created such anticipation and progress having this closer walk with God. Perspective and knowledge is always a great fact in your life she thought. 
I really have to start writing things down…

         *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Melina’s heart raced as she pushed through a busy crowd of teenagers screaming out friend’s names and taking angled selfies in the middle of a church aisle… 
She remembered doing the same thing with her youth group all those years ago…
It had been eight long years the last time she’s come to a youth convention event and it only seemed yesterday she was getting her hair done by America Porter taking selfies with Stephanie Lahoud.  Melina smiled ear to ear as flashbacks came rushing through;

“Hold on; I’m almost done..” as America curled her hair with her fingers making cute ringlets. The bathroom was getting full of many young girls coming in early for church having the same idea of their church group had.
“Hurry, we can’t miss out on getting a good seat!” Steph said anxiously as she held the hairspray and extra bobby pins.
“There.” America’s heart melting with how cute their both hairstyles turned out, seeing how excited they were to be at Winter Youth. My girls are growing up too fast!
America didn’t have any kids yet but she looked at Melina and Steph as her own, she cherished every moment with them. Watching them not just grow up but grow in the Lord made her so proud and very happy!

Nate Sauve made sure to bring good music to the road trip and of course the camera!
Matt Lahoud, Stephanie’s older brother made sure to tease the girls throughout the trip and say a few great jokes along the way.
Matt stood by the guys as Nathan Porter borrowed Nate’s camera .
About to take a few pictures all three spoke in a sarcastic tone;
“Okay say cheese!”


         *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

She quickly walked down a few flight of stairs. Deep breathes, Mel you can do this!
She stood in front of two white double doors; opening the door with one hand the pulsing in her ears got louder with every step she took. She was told that he would be in the basement but what if he wasn’t there? What if he already left for lunch? What if her whole plan was ruined and she would never be able to tell him what she was suppose to say?
She hesitated in her tracks when she spotted him in the crowd…

This is so stupid Mel, turn back before you embarrass yourself. As she did the day before she pushed through the crowd and the panic.
He noticed her coming close to towards him and he smiled as they both said hi to each other in unison. “We met before, and I was wondering if I could talk to you?” every inch of Melina shook of anxiety and uncertainty; the rush of adrenaline was almost thrilling.
With concern on his face and the tone of voice; “Is everything okay?”
“Yes, totally but, uh, God wanted me to tell you something? I’ll be in service tonight if you’d like to talk then…”
“Would you mind if we spoke tonight? I’ll look for you, I’ll make sure of that!” smiling from ear to ear he met her eyes and she agreed with a smile and walked away.

Exhausted by the moment of the sudden rush of adrenaline Melina walked up the stairs slowly and faced the back door glaring out the window of a moment of perspective.
She watched as an elderly man helped his woman into the vehicle lugging in her things.
She was too weak to help, but so was he…and yet he was more than willing.
God, this is it. I can’t promise to be calm this afternoon; but please guide me anyway. This is it, I can feel it. Tears started burning her eyes; a warm drop slowly went down her left cheek.
Take control of it all; use me for whatever work you have in store for the rest of this trip.

One of Melina’s friend’s found her and pulled her arm to guide her back upstairs;
“There you are! Are you ready?”
She slowly wrapped her scarf around her neck and put her coat on hesitantly one breath at a time and gave a nervous smile; “Yes, I hope so.”

          *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

📍 Toronto, Ontario – Winter Youth Crusade
Saturday, February, 4th, 2017 4:49PM
He walked through the doors lugging a few things for the last evening service.
He couldn’t help but wonder what in the world God wanted him to know? He shivered the cold off his back, stomping the snow off of his shoes. He couldn’t get her off his mind; he remembered meeting her once before in the late fall. But he couldn’t get past the fact that God would care so much that He would take the time to speak to someone and send him a message? Why was he so special? Because that’s who he was; God cared that much.

He poked his head through one of the sanctuary doors; and there she stood, smiling.

          *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Melina rushed in the sanctuary making sure she found a good seat close to the front of the altar; the closer the better she thought.  She couldn’t wait until she spoke to him; she was so nervous and absolutely excited to see what was to come. She stood in the middle of the aisle close to the doorway keeping an eye on the front door hoping that he would walk through those doors. As she realized how weird that was, a second away from taking a seat in one of the pews she smiled largely as he popped his head through the sanctuary doors. Almost laughing under her breath for stressing over nothing.
He smiled back and said “hey”.

Melina noticed how nervous he became; was he anxious too? The way she left things this morning could make anyone nervous!
“So, I don’t have much time but what did God tell you?!”
She stood there suddenly confidant in what she was about to say; she was instantly comfortable in her own skin again. You could say she was almost calm.
She smiled and took a deep breath; she’d never done anything like this before especially to a total stranger and she let him in on that.

It was a first for the both of them.

“I think we met before, in London” he nodded his head, and her hands began to shake as she began to talk some more. “All I knew was a face, the person who shook my hand who smiled and was welcoming… The Holy Ghost over came me and I had no idea what in the world it was?!  I even spoke to my pastor about it for spiritual advice and what to do next… The feelings I got were so heavy and so…” he stood closer wanting to know the end of her sentence. “such a heavy burden…”
He looked at her with intensity and such focus, his body went limp and he put his things down for a lighter weight. He suddenly felt so defeated. He slowly asked her;
“W-Why is …the burden so heavy? What do you think it is?”
He stood there without a movement, with scarce in breath.
Melina’s eyes began to burn again with tears filling; becoming emotional wasn’t a big deal for her it was part of who she is but to become emotional in front of a stranger and trying to describe something like this… It was a little different.
“In all honesty you’ve got one foot all about God; you love Him and love His people…
But then your other foot is in something totally opposite; something darker and a bit more hesitant…something that has nothing to do with God.”
Is this actually happening? Am I sent by God to send him a message?! or am I making all this up?(She kind of understood what any speaker or pastor felt when they spoke.) 
Melina couldn’t understand where it was all coming from and she began to realized she was not only speaking to him but to herself as well. God was speaking to her even in her weakest spots… She really could list a few on the top of her head.

She looked at him straight in the eyes, without a blink and told him;
“God is more powerful and more stronger than anything or anyone in your life.
He needs you to know…” she pointed towards his heart as she continued on; “that he cares for you more than anything or anyone in your life, today.”
She wanted to cover her face because what she just said was so powerful even for her; she was speechless and yet she had the words? How overwhelming!
His eyes glistened, still without making a sound, without moving an inch from his spot where he still stood. Once again they didn’t lose eye contact both standing still; she wanted to hug him and wanted to know everything that he was going through so she could help him with everything he was going through but instead she waited anxiously and eagerly for what he began to say. In a soft and whisper tone he said;
“…Everything…God told you is true, every word. Please… Don’t stop praying for me.”
Both of their faces turned red and she couldn’t believe what was actually happening; she was right? Wait…what?
Melina kindly grabbed his right hand and shook his hand instead of hugging him and put her other hand over their hands and squeezed tightly; she said his name and spoke supportive and confidant in the few words she had left; “I will never stop praying for you ever. I thought I was going crazy but I now know that this was truly meant to be.”
They both smiled and went their separate ways.

He walked back to his car to grab a few more things and Melina went back to her seat up front. God just used her in a mighty way and she was not only overwhelmed but so thankful! Did that actually happen…
As she sat on the edge of the pew she began to uncontrollably weep before 5pm prayer even started.

To her; church had already begun.

          *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Melina turned around and no one stood out to her she made a mental note of it, smiled at herself, and continued on.

         *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Saturday, February, 4th, 2017 8:35PM

One by one the crowd prayed for one another and every once and awhile she opened her eyes and there he stood. Okay God, I see you.
The preacher inspired the crowd to move around and pray for one another, while worshiping together.
There was a moment when Melina was smiling; just a constant laughter of what the Lord had been doing all weekend she was in the moment of dancing for the Lord. She felt such joyous and excitement in her gut; she was so happy and that didn’t come often.
The beauty in worshiping the Lord in unity as one, as one church was so surreal and beautiful to her. You didn’t need to know anyone’s name to enjoy a good time in church. As she turned around in a dance to the music he happend to catch her smiling, dancing as well. They both smiled and for a second, seemed like five whole minutes of enjoying what God had blessed them with. And part of those blessings were a little of each other.
What a moment of gratitude, joy, and happiness.
Part of that moment Melina will never forget; he looked at her like he wanted to say something but he never did. Maybe she’ll never know what he was thinking and she was okay with that. After those few seconds they continued on worshiping God in the middle of a closed off crowd.

          *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Saturday, February, 4th, 2017 9:45PM

As the service ended everyone gathered around to say their goodbyes to other loved ones and old friends. Melina sat back down in her pew and waited to go home..
And when the time came to be, she looked for him one last time.
“If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m always around for a great cup of coffee.”
she shook his hand and walked away. She didn’t ask for his number or ask to take a photo with him or start some small talk.

As she left to go home for that dreadful drive back she thought; Was I the first person to have a heart to heart instead of flirting my way through a conversation, hug him, or even ask for his number? I’m just some girl who offered to have some one on one coffee with him and get to know this cool dude. And then she thought; did he wonder that too or just continue on?


I probably will never know unless God’s will let’s it. But even then…

I came here to take a leap of faith; and instead I jumped.
I came here because in my heart I know I needed this; and God blessed me with it.
Once again; I only came here for God and that’s what I got!
He used me at my most weakest moment in my life; and I ministered for the Lord at my strongest moment in my life. But I not only believed I knew that everything was going to work out for His good. I can only laugh because I have doubted my life every step of the way.  Even though I gave that guy a message; that same message spoke to me and probably to you as well.
Until next time. . .


Luke 12:11-12
11“When you are brought before synagogues, rulers and authorities, do not worry about how you will defend yourselves or what you will say, 12 for the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what you should say.”

Luke 21:15
For I will give you speech and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict.

Exodus 4:12
“Now then go, and I, even I, will be with your mouth, and teach you what you are to say.”

Matthew 10:20
For it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.



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