When Life Gives You Chopsticks

She sat there, her fingers thumbled with the wooden chopsticks in hand. Girls night out, great fellowship with wonderful sushi about to be served and yet she still missed home. Melina so frustrated with herself; she couldn’t enjoy an evening out without missing home. Missed a few people closer to her age who could’ve been at that table next to her.

Voices faded as her mind zoned out to a spot in Salisbury…

Her mind brought her to Sarah and Katie laughing at some stupid nonsense that made the whole table roar with laughter at the Silver Fox where she visited in last April.
The simplicity of the menu involved deep fried food, sandwiches, and their big salads.
The Silver Fox was famous for their seafood; best in town. She knew God had a bigger plan for her in New Brunswick; it just wasn’t His will to move there yet and sometimes the heaviness of being home sick really hit her at the worst times.

She remembered how the Lord spoke to her while Bro. Weeks came to town and spoke in service; the signs couldn’t be more obvious for her.
She knew she was meant to be in NB, just not as of yet. But when?
That’s what really took Melina to a hard place, was waiting….
Can you relate to that? Not being patient, and feeling like you wish you could do more?
What if sometimes God just wants us to stand next to Him and just simply wait?
What if He wants us to simply wait and obey?
Her hunger grew; and Crossroads created such an atmosphere of longing and embracing the Lord through worshiping the Lord, through working hands, and hearts ready for ministry and she couldn’t want anything more but just that. Have you ever known in your heart you knew exactly where you needed to be, or where you belonged? Me too.


Melina felt a sudden peace where her mind stood, as she smiled to herself back at the table staring at her chopsticks. She looked up from her table-setting and noticed her friends laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Lord, you have blessed me even now.
She was blessed immensely and she couldn’t deny it; she had amazing people in her life and that would never change. God knows what the best was for her at that time in her life; and it was still Windsor. He had a lot planned; and she only knew some of it and that was okay.    She laughed with the crowd as she began stuffing her mouth with mountains of sushi.

Life is like chopsticks; thinking you have it all under control until you realize your sushi is rolling off the table… But you still go for it, pick it up, and go on your way continuing on wondering what you’ll get next. Life is the same way.

Never give up on what your meant to have, even if that means waiting a little while before having it again. It’s all about timing!


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