every. single. time.

Wherever you are; your going to make it.
Focus on the good.  Yes, I know it sounds so cheesy and dumb but humor me for a moment.
I tell you this if it wasn’t for God I would not be here.
I would have never survived these shark waters without Him telling me to stay in the boat with Him just a little bit longer.
Everything does not seem so terrible when you lay it at His feet.
And sometimes we pick up what we’ve laid down because we aren’t ready to let it go…
I’ve done it so many times I’ve lost count; but He hasn’t and yet He’s blessed us with His presence every. single. time.
You would think He would shake His head and say I’m out, waste of my time.
Instead He blindly forgives us right when we’ve done the harm.
Just like a mother cannot help but forgive her child for doing so much wrong.
But because she loves her child she can’t help but love her child all the more.
Makes your jaw drop doesn’t it?
How many times have we given up on ourselves, seeing how much of a joke we are… Sometimes we become our own personal judge instead of letting God do the judging? Listening to the dark grudge in our heads reminding us of our mistakes…
Interesting perspective isn’t it?
Makes you wonder how can someone so beautiful and so amazing love us throughout our darkness and throughout our mess of things – why? Simply because He loves us.

Enjoy the video below!


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