Hi, I’m Josh

“Hi…your the most amazing human being I’ve ever talked to and I don’t even know your name. My name is Josh.”

He woke up in a sudden panic, he had another reoccurring nightmare again.
He turned to the side of his bed noticed she wasn’t there; they’re called nightmares for a reason. Sometimes when he woke up from one, he was still living it thinking that his beautiful wife would still be there.
His body ached as he slowly got out of bed. He dragged his feet and grabbed a smoke out of his jacket pocket and lit it on the porch. The sun burned his eyes as he let out a puff.
If he wasn’t having nightmares, he’d be sleep deprived not able to get any good shut eye for days.

Tall, dark, and handsome he really played the part. Couldn’t help but notice that there was a lot of dark while he played the part.  Slim to the bone not worried about his weight or cared how much he ate; if he ate. His black shaggy hair he let grow to a medium length close to his shoulders some layers touching his eyes.  He grew a goatee to a minimum keeping it groomed and proper.

He stopped asking questions or if he deserved better when he knew now it wasn’t so. Other wise wouldn’t he still have the people he loved the most by his side?

God hated him, that was a fact; he believed there wasn’t one after that

His face lit up as he took one last puff of smoke and threw his butt on the gravel.
He took his phone out of his pocket, it was her again. She too went through a few things, the most; she was the only one to message him. She was the only one who stayed. The only one who saw behind the pain…the only one who befriended him when everyone else left. He wasn’t sure why he let her in, but it turned out he did anyway.
He shut the door with his foot as he replied back; he caught himself grinning as he put a slim long sleeve shirt on. A side grin wasn’t around much…ever. He felt as if she gave him a little more oxygen, a little more laughter, and a little more life.

It took months for her to get through to him.
But if God could get through to her, then she could do the same for any person she knows…right? And she did. She slowly lit every candle that used to inspire and motivate him. He took a few steps forward, and then a few steps back.
They were good for each other because believe it or not he did the same for her.
He was there for her, when she couldn’t speak aloud, when things got really dark. When her darkness paralyzed her whole world. He knew what that was like; most nights he knew more than she thought he did. They both were there for one another.

He started going outside more. Dusted off his camera that had been on the shelf for a few years and started over connecting with God’s nature and love of life. And he let someone tell him about Jesus a little bit. He opened his heart when he thought all that was left was a cold stone heart.

She started getting help with her mental health, and pushed through some life obstacles.

It all started with just a simple message. One became 20 messages, 20 messages turned into over 6 months. They both slowly started living for themselves and no one else.

“Hey… My name is Melina. And your the most beautiful soul with so much talent and so much love; you just don’t know it yet. Let’s be in each other lives from now on.”


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