Better Late than Never!

Phil Phillips spoke about ‘What to Pray For’ and one of the things that popped in my mind was during the Damascus road conversations and revelation in Acts 9:5 Paul prayed, ‘Who art thou Lord?’ The Lord responded, ‘I am Jesus…’

Now imagine you devoted your whole life towards something, and suddenly this new Lord is rumored to be Jesus the Messiah. He must have been furious!
Any devoted man has it’s passions and to walk away from his passions because it’s not the truth must be devastating! No?
But to see Jesus on the road of Damascus and witness a conversation with the Lord and hear him speak the truth of who He is; to me is just amazing!
Later on Paul became one of the great disciples to speak the truth and walk with the Lord and witness to other people about his greatness and that the Messiah is Jesus.

You know we hear the Bible stories over and over again.
Started in Sunday School or what some call Children’s Church; and again as adults reviving our faith anytime the church doors are open. In my experience I never get tired of hearing the same stories over and over because you learn something new every time.
I can’t thank God enough for constantly opening up my eyes to understand more and more especially in times of tried situations that’s when God is sneaky and tends to blow your mind His Word and what’s to come!

What has Jesus opened your eyes to? Have you ever had a ‘woaaaahh’ moment with him? If you have, say something in the comment section, I would love to hear what your story is!

Until Next time…


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