Answer the Door!

It’s like a world without the sun shining down on you.
A silence that’s piercing.
A call that never gets answered.
It’s like planting a seed without any water.
It’s like always being hungry but never being full, never being satisfied.
Never feeling complete.
A cold pew will always just be a cold pew.
Your dedication in seeking out would be a waste of time.
Without any love, and without any vitamin c,
there would be no trees that blow in the wind.
There would be no flowers and plants that color your world and fill your mind.
No inspiration to fill your talents with.
Alone in every waking moment,
every restless sleep, every thought, and every word you speak.
Millions and millions of human beings would all be in a corner rocking back and forth not knowing what to say not knowing what to do and not knowing how to ask these confusing questions that stir up in our minds.
The world as we know it, would just be dark.
No Love. No kindness.
A world without God is not a world, it’s just a big dark hole that you happen to live in.
Does this describe your life?
It’s like working without being appreciated and without having that satisfaction of getting paid.
It’s like sitting in a room with only you smiling while everyone is ignoring you.
It’s like high school peer pressure on your first day.
It’s like not knowing what to wear on your picture day knowing the photographer is going to screw it up.
It’s like sitting in the back of the pew cold and the unknown of not knowing whether or not to stay or to leave.

A life without God is no life at all; your not living. Open the door, can’t you hear it?
Can’t you feel it? He keeps knocking; won’t you answer it?


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