Seek And Ye Shall Find

In the middle of thousands of people, were all the same you know right?
It’s humid. Your sweating and dehydrated.
What if in the middle of that same crowd, He came to visit you just to whisper something in your ear? What if He grabbed your hand as you closed your eyes and obeyed?
Are you doing it?

Listen. Close your eyes. Are they closed?
Yes. What is that?
Do you hear it? The voices, do you hear them? 
Yes, but why?
Can you feel the power in the room? The sudden movements of these mountains?
Yes, but how?
Do you feel the fire from every soul?
Yes, what is that?
That heat in your inner being, is it overwhelming you to cry out and reach out even more?
Yes, I can’t help but do the same.
Do you hear it? Do you hear them crying out.
Yes! I want to cry with them! But why do I want to?

Listen. Open your eyes. Are they open?
Do you still hear it? The voices, do you hear them?
What do you see?
I see your people crying their hearts out. They’re praying together as one.
What else do you see? Do you want to tell me?
Their fire, it ignites the more they cry out. It overwhelms them, they want more.
It’s so… beautiful!

Do you feel it?
Yes, I want more too.
They are all worshiping Me. They are crying out to what they’re feeling.
Each one wanting more and more of this overwhelming love and power they feel.
I Am giving it to them, each one will have a destiny to bring more souls for an eternity of paradise. What your feeling is a gift I give out to the ones that want more than just this world. Ones that are willing to do anything to do more, willing to commit to anything for more of My love. The more they seek, the more I give out.
But… why? They are not worthy of such love… I am not worthy.
My child, yes you are. What if I told you are worth so much more than what this world tries to offer?
But how?

Listen. Close your eyes.
Raise your hands in the air. Reach out to me. Are you doing it?

Yes. God? I want more.
Call out my name, my name you will have the power. In my name, nothing will have power over me. 
Yes, my child. Reach out to me!
Yes, my child. Talk to me! 
Jesus, I love you so much; and I can’t explain why. 
Take it, grab what is yours! You can have it and be not afraid.

I have so many plans for you. Take this gift, and you will see. I will be here, always.

What am I speaking? 

Your grabbing a hold of it. Let it always overwhelm you, and you will always know what to do in every trial, praise. It’s called receiving the holy ghost.

The fire, do I have it too?
Yes. What do you feel now?
Complete. Happy. Joyful!

Look. Open your eyes. Are they open?
What do you see?
Our people taking what’s theirs.
That’s right. They have sinned too. They have made many mistakes, but remember I will always be here to forgive you before that mistake is made.
You are my child. You are my blood. My love is bigger than you can comprehend.
What else do you see?
They’re praying with me.
My people are your people. Your family.

What do I do now?
You teach others about what you have recieved. I wrote it down for you.
In Acts 2. A book that will be your guide through your walk in this world, with Me by your side!


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