The No Way to Yes Way!

I’m not sure what to say, it’s not something you can just put into words.
I just know God led us together in a way only God Himself could do.
Connected us, so in sync…like a triangle that’s never broken Jesus on the top of it always. Always.
So sensitive in the Holy Ghost, so obedient to every wind that blows our way.
The power of prayer… that saying doesn’t really mean anything until one day that’s all you can do is weep in thankfulness of how powerful it really is.
Until it happens to you.
Until the Holy Ghost is so strong, that you can’t focus on anything that your doing because your calling from God put’s you on your knees in prayer.
Time doesn’t matter, how many notifications your getting, that you have to start making dinner, have to call back your friend, or how you have to continue the next episode on Netflix. Time doesn’t pause, with God there is no such thing.

In those teen movies when it’s just the girl and the popular boy in middle school under the spotlight in the gym on dance floor.
They don’t see anyone in sight, pitch black other than the spotlight on them.
To the boy and the girl there’s no one else they care about, other than the music playing. Like nothing else. As if time didn’t matter…
Well, talking to Jesus is even better than the boy and girl moment.

When this first began, I didn’t know what to think, what to feel…
But through the Holy Ghost? Oh friend, that is a whole different world.
It’s much more than a feeling, it’s an instinct. A way to understand without questioning it, but instead saying selfless answers and completely trusting in Him even though your probably scared half to death.

Whoever is reading this, there is SO much I want to say, so much I want to let out.
SO MUCH TO EXPLAIN; but I, somehow, can’t seem to explain it.
It’s almost like God wants me to keep it between God and I?
(And whoever is in that prayer triangle)
If I explained it, would you understand?
Impossible vs Possible. The no way to yes way.
Friends, if I layed it out all on the table no one would understand it unless the Lord revealed it to you in Spirit.

Wow. All I can say is; God Is SOO Good!


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