Worth the Wait

Past midnight, she covered her mouth in shock and astonishment.
She laid back where her pillow was supporting her against the wall.
What was Jesus revealing to her? She did a little research and then…
This was not all in her head she knew by now.
She whispered His name seconds before tearing up.
She had no idea what to think, but that was the whole point right?

Overthinking kills.

This is it, the beginning of what is to come. And as scary as it sounded, she was ready. God always provided, He always takes care of His kids.

She was not the only one astonished.
They both were, no matter what the Lord had planned for them.
The wait, that is the whole point right?
God has all the timing just right.
The Wait. The Revelation. The Truth. The New Jerusalem.

It all makes sense now even though He only revealed a piece.


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