Developing Character: My Personal Life

Week 1 part of my notes

Positivity is a powerful option that we can use on our walk with Jesus.
Consider it blind faith.
We use positivity even through days we never see coming.
The Power positivity is always showing the face of winning battle.
That’s when bind faith comes in.
All lost souls see is that Holy Ghost glow, to them is curiosity that becomes hunger the more they reach. That happiness and fulfillment that they see, but feel, makes them want more than what they have.
That right there, is your open door for opportunity.

Jesus prayed to himself. He knew what was to come.
He came to earth, we all know the story… But Jesus did more, and God has revealed that to me. He spoke to himself when He prayed. The holy ghost.
He did EVERYTHING, every step shown obedience to show his followers how to follow the Lord and have a one to one relationship with Jesus faithfully.

He came down to earth.
Grew up in character.
He grew up in wisdom.
Knew what to do next, and continued on through submission without question.
Jesus was faithful towards his every detail. It ALL MAKES SENSE now.
Jesus not only came to earth to die for our sins.
He came down to earth to show us how to become like Him…
Jesus came down to earth to teach us how to be Him. Jesus came down to earth to teach our ancestors how to do everything with a step, with growth, and obedience even when we have a thousand questions.

Here I am in the 21st century. This isn’t just about the power of knowledge.
Following with every step God reveals more to us.
More than the tongue can speak in a well known language.
Only one thing can explain…everything. Only one thing can make us stop in our tracks and message that person that has suddenly been on your heart.
Those times you woke up in the middle of the night wide awake,
not understanding but praying anyway.

What happend in that tower in Acts 2 is the answer to everything.
Don’t you get it?
And He picked us, loves us, and is with us every step of the way with whatever He has planned for each of us.


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