Dancing with Destiny

Dream based on the night before thanksgiving.

I blinked so many times, trying to hide my smile by looking away.
Looking back at his glance, his eyes told a story that many could not see, or even feel.
I’ve been there, I know.
While glancing back, it was like he could see into mine too.
It scared me that he could even when there was nothing to hide from him but my smile.

My black silhouette flowed with every move we made.
The top half of the dress was a thin material that felt light on my skin.
The dress touched the floor, it created such a vision with every step we took.
All eyes were on us, but not the audience you think.
I could hardly breathe, but he already knew that.
I always forgot to breathe, I know that he’d catch me at my fall and remind me once again that he’d never leave my side. That we’d be in it together just from a fall.

A type of warmth I never felt before, on my lower back side made my knees weak.
His eyes smiled, like I wasn’t red enough?
We’re we dancing? Because I felt like we we’re flying…
The holy ghost was on fire, it shot up like hot fireworks in a tunnel.

He leaned in cautiously… Was this the moment we were waiting for?
The bottom of my silhouette created a black smoke that dissolved the entire vision of my dream into thin air. No, not yet!

I woke up in a fog remembering where I was. A still small voice began to say; Trust in me, and in time everything will be given unto you.


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